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Our Mission

This Statement of Mission and Guiding Principles serves to clarify the aims of the Melbourne Social Tango.

The Group has a Constitution under the Victorian Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012.

This Statement of Mission and Guiding Principles is not required by law, but instead has been freely developed by the MST Committee to keep the integrity of the Group on behalf of its membership, so that:

(1) members can support, take part in and benefit from Group activities in full knowledge of why it exists and why it continues; and

(2) prospective members can make informed judgments about whether the Group is a proper organization for them to support, take part in and benefit from.

The Committee will use the Statement to guide the decision-making it undertakes on behalf of the membership.

The Statement is a living document: all financial members of the Group may at any time make suggestions or requests about the Statement to the Committee. The Committee may from time to time, at its absolute discretion, amend the Statement. Any amendments to the Statement will be published in the Group’s newsletter and included in our website.


To offer opportunities for growth and improvement of dancing skills and to build community among social tango dancers in Melbourne and, where possible, the broader Victorian community.

  1. The Group’s focus is social Argentine tango.
  2. The Group’s primary aims are to offer opportunities for social tango dancers to develop their dancing skills and to promote the growth of the social tango community through inclusiveness.
  3. The core activities of the Group will be:
    1. providing regular opportunities for members to practice their tango skills in a relaxed social environment (i.e. practicas);
    2. providing occasional opportunities for members to dance tango in formal and semi formal social environments (i.e. milongas, various tango events);
    3. providing occasional opportunities for members to learn new tango skills, including engaging teachers;
    4. providing information to members and the wider community about tango in Melbourne and elsewhere; and
    5. publicizing and organizing demonstrations of social tango and working with others to attract people to social tango.
  4. The Groups aims to offer not-for-profit activities that compliment the commercial activities of local teachers.
  5. The Group encourages both commercial and voluntary tango activities outside the Group.


  1. The Group is and will remain independent of any school, studio, teacher or other organization.


  1. The Group aims to offer information without bias to members and the public about all tango-related activities in the Melbourne area and to offer sources of information for tango outside this area.
  2. The Group will give priority to promoting activities organized by the Group and to activities that give discounts or other benefits for Group members.

 Membership and voluntary work

  1. The Group exists primarily through the voluntary work of its members and particularly its Committee.
  2. The Group may choose to pay for the professional services of tango teachers and others, including those who are Group members.
  3. The Group may reward volunteers who contribute significant work with reduced or zero pricing for Group events.
  4. The Group may present gifts to members in recognition of exceptional contributions.
  5. The Group recognizes that its activities should be limited to those that can be realistically achieved using the available time and human resources.
  6. The Group aims to welcome tango dancers from interstate and overseas.